About Us

We are a Forward in Faith parish worshipping in the catholic tradition. The parish has passed the resolution seeking episcopal oversight from a bishop of the Society - in our case the Bishop of Beverley.

At our Sunday morning mass we use vestments, incense, and there's a short homily.

As our Mission Action Plan (MAP) acknowledges, St Luke's relies on a small group of long-standing faithful parishioners, but we recognise that to secure our future we need to attract some younger people as well. We do have some children who attend mass, and this is a hopeful sign for us to build on.

Recently we have begun hosting an Anglican congregation from Nigeria who use the church just after our Sunday mass has ended. This allows some mingling of the two congregations as the St Luke's faithful leave, and the Nigerian faithful arrive. We hope to encourage further contact, and perhaps to have some joint worship  as things progress.