Arranging a Christening or a Baptism

We welcome everyone who wishes to be baptised or christened in any of our two churches. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Baptism and Christening are the same thing, just different words.</span>

Baptisms usually happen on a Sunday and if the church is free, any Sunday should be convenient.

The service is usually about half an hour and there is no charge but donations are welcome.

The tradition for godparents is that you have three, but there are no set rules for this and within reason any number is permissible.

If you would like to arrange a christening please contact the Vicar,  Revd Gareth Thomas, who will be pleased to make arrangements with you and book in the date. Simply give Gareth a call on 0161 925 0059, email: [email protected] or use the 'Get in touch' button.