About Us

People have worshipped in a church on this site since at least 1150AD. The Celts, Vikings, Anglo-saxons and Normans have made their mark on this place. The community here has journeyed through The Reformation and the religious upheavals of the English Church, and then navigated Georgian and Victorian ‘improvements’ to the building and their own moral fabric. All this has been made easier by a well documented fondness for ale throughout the history of the church, a tradition which continues to this very day among priests and parishioners alike.

Today, in an age of uncertainty and cynicism, the church of St Michael’s continues to be a place with a refreshingly optimistic outlook and a passion for worship and learning.

We pray that in this time, and in this place, we can be as a light set upon a hill, for the glory and praise of God. Here’s to another 900 years!

The architectural style of St Michael's Church, Flixton, is a blend of gothic and classical. The church is built with a warm sandstone on a bluff above the River Mersey valley. It is difficult to establish the origins of the church but records show that the Norman Lord of Manchester gave it away as a dowry for his daughter in 1150. It stands as one of the Ancient churches of Manchester Diocese. The rough-hewn stone of the east wall dates back to the fifteenth century. The east window dates from 1853 and the stained glass windows around the church depict stories from the Bible. The church underwent a major internal restoration in 1877 and a new Caen stone font, reredos and pulpit were installed. In 1966 the organ was modernised and in 1968 a unique crown of thorns chandelier, made by local craftsmen, was placed over the central aisle.

Nine centuries of village life are recorded on tombstone and memorial plaque - a visitor is instantly aware of the long history of this lovely little church. St Michael's is a homely church, you feel instantly welcomed into the building, but you can also sense it's holiness as the prayers of thousands upon thousands of Christians permeate its walls.

Today, our church life is focussed around worship, word and sacrament, and we try to provide time and space for everyone to praise God. Everything we do here, is in some way, connected to that worship, and it is from and through worship, that we believe we are sent out in God's mission, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and find meaning and purpose for our own lives. Do come and join us.