About Us

HolyTrinity Church is situated in the centre of an area of Ashton known locally as Holy Trinity. The people of Holy Trinity come from richly diverse backgrounds of culture, race and religion. Holy Trinity Church is respected throughout the area as it seeks to form relationships and build bridges with the local population. Most children of Holy Trinity attend Holy Trinity School which has close connections with the church. 

Over many years, Holy Trinity church family has worshipped in the Anglo–Catholic tradition and has hoped to be a witness to the love and presence of God; ‘to let people be aware of our love for God and His love for them. Holy Trinity Church is here to welcome everyone.’

Within its building, the church provides a Community Centre whose vibrant presence has become the hub of the local community. Holy Trinity church building and its worshipping community are a significant Christian presence in this area. 

After over 135 years of faithful Christian witness in the West End of Ashton, in 2013 the congregation at Holy Trinity Church decided that they could no longer sustain regular Sunday morning worship.  Numbers were small, often less than 10 people at a Sunday morning service.  The congregation sought faithfully to increase the numbers attending Sunday worship but have now accepted that this will not happen.

A weekly public act of worship on Thursdays at 4.00pm began in September 2013.  The Community Centre remains open and continues to be managed on behalf of the Parish of the Good Shepherd and the wider community in St Peter's Ward by SPY (St Peter's Youth).