Church of England Diocese of Manchester Edenfield

Our wonderful wardens

20 Feb 2021, 12:15 a.m.

Nothing happens in our churches without the efforts of our dedicated hard working wardens who beaver away behind the scenes, but did you know......

David Foster became warden in 2010 after some 'friendly' persuasion from two parishioners during a church coffee morning.

He is well known for being a regular Bury FC supporter from 1987 until the bitter end in where did he leave that scarf....

After a spell in Bury General Hospital and listening to their radio station, David thought he would like to become involved. The hospital radio station, 'Radio Rossendale', opened in 1979 after much hard work behind the scenes with the League of Friends. Setting up a radio station is no mean feat. David stayed with the station in various roles until the hospital closed in 2010. (Never underestimate our David's talents)

He is also a strong guiding force in the setting up of the Edenfield and St Paul's 'Jigsaw Festival, which is now entering its 7th year. It brings much needed funds into our two churches, and gives much pleasure to our visitors and jigsaw compilers alike.

The phrase "if you want something done ask a busy person" certainly applies to our David.