A Poem for Our Times

If you think you're a winner, you'll win. If you dare to step out you'll succeed.

Believe in your heart, have purpose to start. Aim to help all those folk in their need.

Thoughts of faith must replace every doubt. Words of courage and you cannot fail.

If you stumble and fall, then stand ten feet tall. You determine the course that you sail.

More than a year of this pandemic – we've really had our fill

without the social interaction, we've all gone downhill!

Relationships in lockdown have been a blessing and a curse

but for all our irritations we vowed, 'for better or for worse'

The world starts up again, but we're all still stuck,

in time, all will be fine - with just a bit of luck!

it's vital for our well-being that we should interact

we've listened far too long to Boris - that is a plain fact!

'No end in sight' we hear - we're sick of being told off!

Passports, traffic lights, book, don't book – we've really had enough!

We miss our friends – we miss the jokes, the noise

we miss the camaraderie– a night out with the boys!

we miss going to the park – and sitting on a bench

we miss our distant cousins – it really is a wrench!

Masks are here to stay, but things should now move a pace

there's one thing we will not miss - masks tied upon our face!

They say 'explore our country' and 'holiday at home'

but with our lousy weather we'd rather go to Rome!

Europe is out until it's 'vaxxed' – so we're not yet free as birds

but told 'beware new variants' – those are the dreaded words!

and relief from restrictions could cause a third wave

- that's if we all go wild and do not behave!

We've done our best to stay healthy - we exercise, keep fit

but really do miss the company, the banter and the wit

Spectator sports are back again – how did we manage to keep sane?

- football, cricket, tennis – small crowds will fit the bill

no queueing allowed at Wimbledon – no crowds on Henman Hill!

We're in the 'Roaring Twenties', so get in the party mood

make contact with our friends, sing songs - enjoy the party food

At last we re-emerge – reconnect and mix

we wrap up warm, we're in good form and obey the 'rule of six!'