Church of England Diocese of Newcastle St. Peter, Humshaugh

Arrangements for Rev. Steve Wilkinson's funeral, and remembering Steve

7 Apr 2020, 10 a.m.
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Dear Friends,

Bishop Christine has this afternoon sent a mailing to all Clergy, Churchwardens and Deanery Officers. 

In her message Bishop Christine said that Steve’s funeral will take place on Wednesday 15th April at 10.30am in St.Michael’s churchyard, Wark. As we are all aware, due to the coronavirus, only immediate family will be able to attend the funeral.

However it would be wonderful if at the same time we join the family in prayer and light a candle in our own homes. Some prayers for that occasion are being written by Rev. Frances Dower which will be circulated by early next week.

To show our gratitude and pay our respects for all that Steve has been to us and to celebrate his life in a visible way, each of our three Parishes are decorating a significant tree with colourful ribbons. So we invite you to find a ribbon, or a strip of colourful cloth and if you wish, write your name and any message with a permanent marker on the ribbon. Then come and tie it on one of the branches of the tree, which in Humshaugh is the Weeping Cherry Tree just on the left of the church path near the entrance.

Please respect the social distancing rules if there are others placing ribbons at the same time and do be careful of the leaf buds, so they are not damaged.

The idea is that over the next week we have a wonderful tree of colour as a sign of our gratitude for Steve's life and work by the time of his burial. If you can't get out to tie a ribbon yourself, please ask someone to do it for you.

With best wishes and stay safe.