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A special place and parish church

This site has been a place of inspiration and pilgrimage for centuries, and there is an annual pilgrimage from Hexham Abbey to Heavenfield on the first Saturday of August to mark St Oswald’s Day on August 5.

The route follows that taken by Hexham’s monks on the eve of Oswald’s death, who according to Bede, walked to Heavenfield to ‘offer vigil for the salvation of his soul, to sing psalms and to offer holy sacrifice at dawn’.

This church is also the starting point – or the finishing point, depending on which way you walk – for St Oswald’s Way between Heavenfield and Lindisfarne.

The parish of St. Oswald in Lee also includes St Mary’s Bingfield and St George’s Wall. For service details please refer to the notice board or www.achurchnearyou.com/heavenfield