About Us

St Oswin's is the parish church for the settlements of Wylam and Horsley.  It has recently (2018) been bound to St Mary the Virgin, Ovingham as part of the United Benefice of Ovingham and Wylam.  The two church congregations share a Vicar and are exploring new ways to share with one another in church life for the mutual support of both and for the furthering of the Mission of God.  Wylam is also a member of Wylam and District Churches, an ecumenical grouping.   Through this partnership churches of different denominations share together in worship and study and work together to provide a selection of youth groups and activities.

St Oswin's is working through a period of significant change in how it is to be church in and for its community.  The congregation are hopeful and forward looking; confident that God perpetually calls us into new life.  New ways of being church and of ministering in our community are springing up; a cause for excitement and celebration.  Whilst we celebrate the new this is not entirely at the expense of the old.  The traditions of the church are precious to us albeit that these old forms are often being expressed in new ways.

We seek to welcome strangers as friends and to be an open and welcoming community.  There are no prerequisites for joining in with us.  Even if you cannot express what it is that draws you to us you are welcome. Come as you are and let God do the rest.

In 2020 we have become a much more 'mixed-mode' church with both gathered worship (when possible) and livestreaming worship through our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/StOswinStMary