About Us

We hope to make you very welcome at St. Michael and all Angels that is part the benefice of Bugbrooke, Harpole, Kislingbury and Rothersthorpe. We meet, regularly, on Sunday Mornings at 9:30am, using service patterns taken from 'Common Worship'.

Readers,  worship leaders,  and , of course, the rector lead the services in all four churches. The rotating pattern means that we  do not meet the same person each week.

Having to share one Rector between four churches, we invite you to share communion on the first and third Sundays of the month, at 9-30 am.  When there is a fifth Sunday, a Benefice Communion Service is held in one of each of the Parishes in turn.

(See the local News Sheet, Web site or check with the Rector or the Church Office, as suitable.)

We hold a  'Sunday @ Six (pm) Praise Service on the first Sunday of each month, that may include prayer for 'Healing and Wholeness' when communion is offered.

Since we no longer have the services of a regular organist, ( although one could be welcomed) we have to use recorded music to accompany our singing. The worship generally follows the Anglican style, including confession. absolution, usually two bible readings, a statement of belief, a psalm, (often responsorial, sometimes sung), prayer and the word is preached.

Not all members attend every week but around twenty to thirty people will gather on Sundays. Newcomers often say that they enjoyed the welcome. The wood used from  some of the pews has been used to make a servery, so that we can talk and share tea/coffee and biscuits, etc. after the service. Converting the use of some pews means that we now have space for other social functions.

The church building, mentioned in the doomsday book, has many interesting features Including a rood screen, stained glass, and nave altar.