Church of England Diocese of Peterborough Bugbrooke

Social Media

What does it look like to be a Christian online? 

Everyone’s engagement is different. Whether you’re a member of clergy using Twitter or a churchgoer replying to the comments on a blog, we all have different views, histories and areas of interest that will affect how we perceive things, and our responses to those events. The comments we make can reach thousands and even millions of people both in this country and around the world very quickly. ( Copied from the C of E page).

The church publishes a weekly 'news sheet' under the title 'News for the Pews', available to churchgoers. This is scanned and displayed on the web page for the churches in the benefice, and anyone who cares to view it. ( etc.)

In addition, a weekly diary for church services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. children's (tots) meetings, cafe or bible study etc. is published on Facebook as Bugbrooke C of E. This not limited to Bugbrooke, but includes Harpole, Kislingbury and Rothersthorpe. This page provides an opportunity to 'post' items and articles, pictures and anything that may encourage 'thought' or 'discussion, about faith and belief.

A Facebook 'group' , with a rather long title 'Benefice (Bugbrooke, Harpole, Kislingbury and Rothersthorpe) Notice Board' is used to add detail of the diary events, sometimes enhanced as posters or flyers.

It is hoped to reach anyone who responds 'if only I had known', and uses the 'media'.