Coronavirus Update

With 19th July marking the end of restrictions, we are once again making some changes at CoGS. We are being positive, but at the same time mindful that the pandemic is not over and many are, rightly, anxious about gathering together.

· The end of social distancing means that it is no longer necessary to book a space for our services. However, we are arranging our seating with more space around them than we had before March 2020. We would also ask people to be considerate of others and not get too close without asking first. We will still be asking people to ‘sign-in’ using the NHS Test and Trace app

· It is no longer a legal requirement for a face-covering to be worn in worship. However, you might like to continue to wear one for your own security and to reassure others.

· Congregational singing is once again allowed. We will be reintroducing singing as part of our worship, something that I know many people have missed. Along with having the seating well-spaced, we will be ensuring the building is well ventilated to minimise risk.

· We will be sharing bread and wine as part of our celebration of Holy Communion. However, we will not be sharing the cup and instead, we will take the bread and wine together, with the bread having been dipped in the wine. We will also be using hand sanitiser and face-covering when preparing for communion.

· All the changes in the way we worship in the church do not mean we will stop sharing our worship online. Those who cannot join us in our building will still be able to share our main worship via Zoom

Remember to stay safe.

God bless