About Us

We pray for the peace of the world, the peace of our nation, peace in our hearts, peace in our homes.

St Nicholas' Church is a beautiful 15th century building set in Sheffield's Peak District, with many interesting features: glass, stonework, and woodwork.  Simon Jenkins, in "England's Thousand Best Churches" writes that, from the church, "the view is glorious, enjoyed by the weather beaten gargoyles peering from under toppling pinnacles".

Sunday worship each week at 10.30am.

Church Groups include: Bellringing, Choir, Flower Group, Handbells, and Mothers Union

Churchyard tidying (strimming, weeding, path clearing, etc) every Wednesday morning 10am-12noon, weather and circumstances permitting. All welcome to come along and help. Phone 0114 286 2926 to check the group is meeting.

Historical information at "Exploring Churches".

The "Bradfield Feoffees" manage some social housing in High Bradfield, specifically for local people, and/or people who may be in need in some way. Places occasionally become available. Anyone wanting further information should contact [email protected]

The Bradfield Festival of Music takes place each year at the end of June. Full details at "Bradfield Festival of Music"  

Donations towards the upkeep of the Church may be made by using the link in the “Donations and Giving tab”

Our "values statement" agreed at our Annual Meeting, April 2008:

St Nicholas' Church, Bradfield

Together, we are seeking

     to deepen our personal spirituality and awareness of God

     in Christ’s name, to offer friendship, welcome, and care to all people (young and old, female and male, all races, all backgrounds); and to enjoy good, strong friendships with one another

     to give generously through the church, in Christ’s name, to support those in need, and to grow in our understanding of the situations that others face, always aware that we are members of the global human family; and to learn from, and to support, churches in other places, as fellow members of the one Body of Christ

     to be actively involved in our local communities, for the benefit of all; and to treat our environment well

     with humility, gratitude, and creativity: to treasure, maintain, strengthen, and develop the inheritance we have received in our worship and church building