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About our Church:

The Church is now open for Sunday services.  The Chancel is also open on Sundays after the 09:30am service until dusk for Private Prayer and Reflection - please see our News and Notices Page or contact the Churchwarden 

Please also see our main website... http://www.fishlakestcuthbert.org.uk

Please refer to our website home page for the latest information, see... www.fishlakestcuthbert.org.uk

At Fishlake St. Cuthbert we take the Safeguarding of all who visit us and are in anyway involved with our Church very seriously.  Please refer to our main website,  as noted above, for details of our policies and the option to download copies of our policy documents.  

Fishlake St Cuthbert is a beautiful 12th century Grade 1 Listed Norman Church located in a quiet corner of this unspoilt peaceful South Yorkshire village.  The Church was completed around 1170 and has been in constant use ever since.  Do come and see our Church, it is well worth a visit and, when you come we hope these notes will prove useful.  The Church is open every day of the year from approximately 09:30 to 5:00pm.  As from September 2017 Fishlake St Cuthbert has acquired Major Parish Church Status in recognition of its national and local importance.

As you arrive and before you enter the Church, if you look up at the west facing wall of the tower, high up above the large west window and still exactly as it was when it was lifted into place in the middle of the 12th century, is a statue of St Cuthbert portrayed gently cradling the head of King Oswald.  (For more information please follow this link, see... http://www.fishlakestcuthbert.org.uk

As you move around towards the south doorway, if you look up at the south facing wall of the tower you will see the remains of the badges of King Edward IV, a falcon and a fetterlock.  Also a little higher up is a rose surrounded by a royal crown, on which is carved a lion sejante.

Moving round to the justly famous south doorway, you will come face-to-face with the magnificent carved architecture probably created by monks from Cluny in France in the middle of the 12th century.  It is worth taking time to look closely at the extraordinary wealth of carving which, despite being weathered, still remains one the finest two examples of Romanesque carving in the UK, the other being at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire.  (For more information please contact the Churchwardens - details below)  If you want to take a good photograph of the south doorway it is worth waiting until around noon when, if there is sunshine, the whole doorway comes to life in all its original splendour.

On entering the Church and proceeding into the nave, the immediate impression is of light and airiness, a key feature of this lovely old Church.  If you have chosen a sunny day, the sunlight coming through the large and beautifully proportioned clerestory windows will pervade the whole nave and it can be an uplifting sight.  At the west end of the nave and in front of the tower arch is the 14th century font, which contains some interesting statues, and the one facing the altar is said to represent Pope Gregory, an unusual find in an Anglican Church, and a statue that somehow survived the upheavals through the centuries.  On Pope Gregory's right is a statue representing St Nicholas of Myra, and on the left is a statue representing St Cuthbert and, if you look carefully, you can see it mirrors the style of the large statue on the west tower wall as he is portrayed holding the head of King Oswald.  (For more information please follow this link, see... http://www.fishlakestcuthbert.org.uk. and. http://www.benefice-of-fishlake-sykehouse-kirkbramwith-fenwick-moss.co.uk/fishlake-church-history.php

Moving on into the chancel, the very lovely east window was designed to fit in and meld with the movements of the leaves in the trees outside; and in an evening when the light from the setting sun shines right through the Church, the overall effect is stunningly beautiful.  The planning process for the restoration for the chancel is now under way and the end result will be an even more attractive place of Worship.  In passing, the Marshall tomb in the chancel has some rare inscriptions and the south chantry chapel has more early tombs located in the chapel floor.  

There are said to be at least two former altar stones set in the floor and recent research suggests that at one time the Church may have three or more altars in regular use.  Locating their former positions is quite an interesting challenge but those looking with some architectural knowledge may spot the clues - they are there to be found.

The tower contains a fine turret clock designed by Lord Grimthorpe which was installed in 1901, the chimes being fitted a little later in 1907.  Above the clock chamber is the bell chamber which contains a ring of 6 bells, the earliest dating from perhaps the 14th or 15th centuries.  Plans are in hand to restore the bells to light duty working so that they can rung for special occasions.

Please feel free to rest a while in this peaceful holy place, you may well find others sitting quietly seeking time to contemplate.  Do feel free to add a prayer request to the prayer book on the south aisle's Trinity Chapel altar.  Free self-service tea and coffee is available every day - just inside the church door - help yourself and please switch the kettle off before you leave - thank you.

Now - having come this far - please join with us for a Sunday service, a coffee morning or one of our events and you will be most welcome. 

The Church is now open for Sunday services at 09:30am. The monthly calendar St Cuthberts is:

1st Sunday     -    09:30 am  BCP (Book of Common Prayer)

2nd Sunday   -     09:30 am  Holy Communion 

3rd Sunday    -     11:00 am  Holy Communion or Messy Church - please check for details and the Messy Church event location

4th Sunday    -     No service at Fishlake

5th Sunday    -     No service at Fishlake (Mission Partnership Service  information - please ask the Churchwarden for the location)


Baptisms are now held on the fourth Sunday of the month at 1:00pm.  There is plenty of room for Baptisms and room for children to run around after the service, there are seats for approximately 200 persons. Please contact our Churchwardens to make your booking, contact details below


Fishlake Church is a lovely place to get married and you will always get a warm welcome from us here.  For weddings please contact our Vicar Revd. Jacqui Jones on 07894 262706 or email to [email protected]


The Church is used for funerals and burials and the churchyard remains open for both internments and cremated remains.  While the Church can seat approximately 200 persons, there is also considerable standing room for a further 200 which enables the larger event to be catered for acceptably.  Please contact our Vicar Revd. Jacqui Jones on 07894 262706 or email to [email protected]

Refreshments nearby:

There is an excellent award winning café in the village, close to the Church, The Old Butchers, which offers a wide range of food - café shop/cafeteria/restaurant open Tuesday to Sunday from 07:30AM to 6:00PM (Phone 01302 842111);  well worth a visit; See...https://www.facebook.com/theoldbutchersfishlake/

There is a good pub in the village close to the Church: The Hare and Hounds, see...        https://www.facebook.com/Hare-And-Hounds-656973607674709/info/

Accommodation in Fishlake:

There are two excellent B&Bs in the village and one larger establishment (Fishlake Mill) that offers self-catering facilities and hosts a range of events:

River Lane B&B, see... http://river-lane.co.uk/ - a premier B&B 

Truffle Lodge B&B, see... http://trufflelodge.co.uk/about-us/ - a luxurious experience

Fishlake Mill, see... http://www.fishlakemill.co.uk/ - self-catering units plus a well-known events capability, which means that you could get married in the Church and host your reception nearby at the Fishlake Mill


The Church hosts a coffee morning every Saturday from 10:00am till 11:30am - unless there is another event taking place nearby. This event is a simple but pleasant way to meet friends, make contacts, buy some locally made jams and catch up on the local news.  Takings are used to support the maintenance of the Church and contribute towards further restoration.

The PCC also hosts an occasional 'bacon butty' event to raise funds, a Christmas Fayre, an Easter event and a Summer Fayre.  Messy Church is held on the third Sunday of alternate months - please ask for details

The Fishlake Village Choir practices in the Church and holds concerts two or three times each year


For Weddings please contact the our Vicar Revd. Jacqui Jones on 07894 262706 or email to [email protected]

Focal Minister: Mrs Wendy Brownbridge; e-mail:[email protected]   tel: 01302 842450

Churchwarden: Peter Pridham; e-mail: [email protected]  tel: 01302 845215 or  07785 272927