July 2021

Thursday evenings will once again resound to our Bellringers catching up on their practice as they prepare to ring for services and forthcoming weddings. They are still restricted in time and numbers at each practice and hope that the people of Darfield will will bear with them as the re-adjust to more normal ringing and promise that they will not drop too many clangers in the process.  

June 2021

Our ringers are now ringing on Thurdays and Sundays when our church is open

May 2021

As Lockdown eases, our ringers were able to resume their activities subject to the advice received from their National Federation.

They rang on Sunday before our service and on Thursday before our church was open for prayer 

April 2021

The Tenor Bell as tolled for five minutes leading up to noon on Saturday 17th April to mark the start of the Funeral Service.

From noon on Saturday 10th April, our Tenor Bell was tolled 99 times  to mark the life and death of H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Our Union Flag was lowered to half mast and will remain so until after his funeral.

Thanks to Chris, Joe and Kay  

March 2021

The Tenor Bell was tolled for five minutes from 12:01 p.m. following the one minute's silence to mark the Day of Reflection in memory of all those who have died during the Pandemic

Thank you Joe

February 2021

One of our bells was tolled on Friday 12th February to greet the relatives and friends of Granville Bentley as they met to mark his burial and the Thanksgiving for his life spent in His Lord's Service

Thanks to Chris and Kay for making the arrangements

December 2020

Our socially distanced Ringers were able to exercise our bells briefly before our Communion Service on Christmas Eve and before our online Service on Christmas Day.

Otherwise our bells remain silent

November 2020

A half-muffled bell marked the two minutes silence on Sunday 8th November. 

October 2020

Since South Yorkshire moved into Tier 3 restrictions and the country into Lockdown, our bellringers are no longer able to gather in the Ringing Chamber and our bells have been silenced once more. You may hear one solitary bell marking the times our church remains open for private prayer.  

Back in Action: August 2020

After nearly five months of inaction, our bellringers are back to their ropes. Closure of the Church for Public Worship and restricted access to the building meant they were unable to ring.

On 2nd August, the church was opened for private prayer. The ringers made their contribution by ringing four of our eight bells whilst following social distancing requirements. 

Follow the link to our website to hear them in action

Read their account on our newsheet for 16th August 

Prince-Philip, PDF