Church of England Diocese of Sodor and Man The Northern Plain

Palm Sunday ~ Readings, Reflections and Prayers

28 Mar 2021, 6 a.m.

Palm Sunday – the last Sunday of Lent – is when we recall the final week leading up to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, still with his faithful disciples alongside him as the pressure intensifies.

What was Jesus saying and doing? What was he pointing to about God's purposes and about each of us? Indeed, why did Jesus Christ accept a path to violent death?

You will find
~ Welcome from our Rector, Rev Iaen Skidmore
~ Prayers are offered by parish member Howard Bishop
~ Insights from Elaine Aulton, Sylvia Shimmin and Shirley Watling

The dramatised Bible reading is by Rob Lacey from his version The Essential Street Bible.

The Artist's Finest Work, read by Sylvia Shimmin, from the collection The Song of the Sparrow by Alison Leishman (formerly Steadman) when she was with the Leprosy Mission.She is now married to Bill Leishman, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church.

♫ Ride on ride on in majesty by M. H. Milman
Salisbury Cathedral Choir album “Hymns from England"
♫ Too Small a Price by Don Francisco
from album “He’s Alive
♫ There is a green hill far away by Cecil Frances Alexander
St Mark's Church, Bilton
♫ O Jesus I have promised by John Ernest Bode
Scottish Festival Choir from album "90 Favourite Hymns"

'Ride on, ride in Majesty' and 'There is a green hill far away' suggested by Jean Collister

Calgary, mural by John Paynter, in Trinity College Chapel, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Christ's Passion cartoons from Proost

Photos by<div>

Mike Hancock
Elaine Aulton
Shirley Watling
Gill Poole
and from “The Christ We Share” pack by CMS, USPG & The Methodist Church


May this be a blessing to you, to all Christians, and to all whom you love, whether here on earth, or above.

With the Isle of Man back in lockdown, we can’t gather physically for worship and prayer</div></div>