Dealing with the end of life is something all of us have to do at some time. Whatever the circumstances, these times are challenging and at such times friendship, love and support are essential.

The church often provides in practical ways for a family's needs at such times. We can also offer spiritual and emotional support through our dedicated team in the days, weeks, months following bereavement.

In addition, church is open every morning for personal prayer and reflection and our Garden of Remembrance is a peaceful place. Many families use the garden or Book of Remembrance maintained in church as a focus for remembering important people.

Four times a year we hold services of Hope and Remembrance where those who have died are remembered by name and their memory honoured by the lighting of candles.

However we because of COVID 19 Pandemic restrictions we are sorry not able to hold this particular service at the moment but hope to resume as soon as guidelines allow.

Hope and Remembrance Services

1st Sunday of March, June, September and December at 6pm

Bereavement Team Contacts

The Rev'd Angela Fletcher    01623 843290

Miss Pat Brewin                      01623 424116

Covid 19 

During these uncertain and difficult times we are finding that many things in our lives have changed. One of the most difficult things that have resulted as part of self-isolation and social distancing is how we say goodbye to our loved ones. Now only a small number, the very immediate families of the deceased are able to be present at the service. This is incredibly difficult for all those who are going through what is one of the most stressful times in our lives, a time when we would normally be surrounded by family and friends.

A small way of showing support and to give those who can’t be there a focus at the time of the funeral you now have the opportunity to light an online candle. Please go to the file attachment below, visit the link and light a candle to remember your family member, friend, neighbour or colleague.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

With every blessing

The Reverend Angela Fletcher

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