Sunday 9:30 Mass

Getting here

Saint Cyprian's is one of the hidden gems of Nottingham.

Worshiping in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, we seek to encounter God through the Sacraments of the Church universal.

A warm and welcoming congregation, we are seeking to re-integrate ourselves with the community.

We are a parish who seeks to strengthen our Deanery and Diocesan links, whilst also supporting the work of Forward in Faith.
The parish has recently renewed it's commitments to Resolutions A, B and C, and as such (with the Bishop of Southwell's good will) we seek the pastoral care of the Bishop of Beverley.

Please contact us if you want any more details or if you want to arrange a baptism ("christening") or a wedding.
(Please note that baptisms take place during the 9.30am Sung Mass on Sundays)

Lancaster Road

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