Baptism / Christening

Having your child baptised

Why are you having your child baptised?

Serious question!

Baptism is the most wonderful life-changing event in any human life and should be celebrated with great joy!

When someone is Baptised, they begin their eternal life! Not when they breath their final breath, but when they come out of the  waters of the Font.

The stain of original sin is washed away. They are united with Christ forever. They become another Christ on earth. This was achieved by Christ's Life, Death and Resurrection for us, whom he loves and has loved from all time. He doesn't want to lose us because he made us and loves us. God doesn't make rubbish!

Baptism is not a lucky charm but the beginning of an eternal relationship with God.

When someone is baptised, they become a member of the church. The church is Christ's body on earth.

Is Christening different from Baptism?

The word 'christen' comes from the words 'To Christ En.' 

The name 'Christ' is a Greek word which means 'anointed one.'

The name 'Messiah' is a Hebrew name, which means 'anointed one.'

So, as part of the Baptism service, the person being baptised is also 'anointed' with the Holy Oil of those preparing for Baptism and also immediately after they have been Baptised, they are Anointed again with the Holy Oil of 'Chrism.' 

This special Holy Oil means they become another Christ on earth. The Kings and Queens are anointed with the Holy Oil of Chrism at their Coronation, meaning they are set apart from Christ.

The newly-baptised bear Christ's mark forever!

Parents and God-Parents

You bear a great responsibility and must make promises!

Questions to ask yourselves:

Are you prepared to take up your responsibilities to be christian parents?

Do you intend to keep your promises?

You promise to bring up your child as a Christian, a member of the church.

Are you prepared to come to church before and after the baptism?

If your answer is no, then you need to ask yourselves whether you really want your child baptised?

The Church wants to baptise, indeed longs to baptise your child. It is the greatest gift God, through the church can give: Eternal Life.

It is a free gift. It is God's grace. Jesus command the church to baptise, so that others can be drawn into His divine and eternal life. 

It is an un-earned gift, freely given, but such a gift calls for a response of love. 

Are you prepared to respond to God's call?

May God Bless You and we pray, lead you into the ever-loving arms of Christ.

Some practical things 

God-Parents must be Baptised and be at least 16 years old.

There is no charge for the sacrament of Baptism, but looking at your child, the gift God has given you and whom you love, you may want to give a special donation for them.

Have you thought of getting those to be baptised a special Christening Shawl/Scarf for them as soon as they have been baptised? It is important it is white. It represents 'putting on Christ.'

Many children and adults are baptised (christened) at St. Helen's Church throughout the year.

The Vicar and Parish Priest Fr Peter Needham is here to help and support.

If you are interested in Baptism, then please contact the Fr Peter at the parish office in the Romero Centre at St. Helen's Church Athersley between 10.30am and 11.00am on a Saturday morning.