Church of England Diocese of Leeds Lundwood St. Mary Magdalene

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<div>CONTACT US</div><div>If you would like to contact us:</div><div>Sequestrator of the benefice:</div><div>Priest: Fr. S Race</div><div>Placement Assistant: Fr. Blair Radford</div><div>Telephone: 07951171094</div><div>Email: [email protected]</div><div>Data Protection</div><div>Thank you for your interest in contacting us. We will not share your contact information (be it email address, physical address, telephone number or any other personally identifying information) with any third party. Whatever means of contact you choose; we will securely store the relevant personal data in order to respond. This will be kept on record for 12 months while the communication is archived, or less if you request. At any point after we have received your communication you have the right to request a summary of any of your personal information we may hold.</div>

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