Weddings at St Saviour’s Church

We want to make your Wedding as special and memorable for you as possible. We can offer you a full service in the splendor of the beautiful St Saviour’s, which can hold over 200 guests. The church building is in good order with excellent access for all your guests.

Why a Church Wedding is special

Church buildings offer outstanding beauty and centuries of history. Local people have been getting married in Brownhill for generations, perhaps even members of your own family. When you marry in church you become part of that history and part of the fabric of your community. But history is only part of the story. Unlike other venues, when you marry in church we are there for your afterwards. We will help and support you as members of our church family as a couple and as your family grows.

Whatever your beliefs, a church wedding adds a spiritual dimension to your marriage. We look for God’s blessing and His help and guidance as you start your life together. You can make choices about your ceremony; from the moment you book the date, Reverend Lesley will work with you to plan a wedding that reflects your very personal story. You can blend ancient tradition with the modern experience to produce a day that is memorable, meaningful and beautiful. Where else can you walk down the aisle!


We have a team of experienced organists to play your favourite hymns and songs. You can also have your own music playing through our sound system.

Booking your day

You can contact Reverend Lesley about our wedding services and book a date by contacting us via the Get in Touch information on this website, or by calling Reverend Lesley on 01924 471999.

If you need a Banns Certificate

If you live in the parish of St Saviour’s Brownhill but have decided to get married in a church in another parish, you will need to have your Banns read with us. After three readings we will issue you with a Banns Certificate to take to the church where you are to marry. Again, please contact Reverend Lesley and she can arrange this for you.


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