About Us

St Mary the Virgin, Silchester is primarily a place of worship and prayer, one which still serves as the focal point for Christian fellowship and ministry for many who live nearby.

The earliest walls of this parish church are from the beginning of the 12th century and it is a living place of worship used by both individuals and the community on a daily, and weekly, basis.  As with other generations we make our mark both in the work of restoration and repair to keep the historic fabric in good order; also to make changes and additions to ensure that the building is effective and alive.

Access to Saint Mary's is usually available on most days. With our new extension, we now have toilet and baby-changing facilities. Provision has been made for level access for wheelchairs, baby carriers, zimmer frames, and spaces are available in the body of the church for wheelchair-using worshippers. An amplifying loop is used at services to facilitate those using hearing aids.