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13 Feb 2021, noon
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<div><div data-ad-comet-preview="message" data-ad-preview="message" id="jsc_c_3un"><div><div><div><div>If you have a "smart phone" you may already have the NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app for England and Wales. This is the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus and research suggests the app alone has prevented up to 600,000 coronavirus since its launch. </div></div><div><div>

When two phones running the app are near each other, they will make contact through Bluetooth. If they are close for a long enough time, and one of the two owners later shares a positive coronavirus test via the app, then the other will receive an alert.


With the app you can also scan Quick Response code (QR code) panels in countless participating venues (supermarkets, shops, surgeries, public buildings, etc) for a "venue check-in" and, if someone tests positive for the virus who has been to that venue, you can be alerted and, in case of close contact, offered appropriate advice. You will find St Ambrose Church QR code panels in the tower porch entrance and inside the church.