Church of England Diocese of Winchester St. Ambrose Bournemouth

🎵 Westbourne Orchestral Society

The Westbourne Orchestral Society (registered charity no. 282074) began as the St Ambrose Orchestra in 1930. Sir Dan Godfrey, then conductor of the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra (now the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) lived in the parish and was the first President of the Society. The orchestra, average strength 50 instrumentalists, has given regular concerts ever since, even during World War Two, when it gave 248 concerts for troops stationed in Bournemouth! It continues to flourish and performs all kinds of music from classical to selections from musical shows. It gives at least six concerts annually (three main programmes), many in aid of charities and good causes, rehearsing in the church on Friday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

The objectives/aims of the Westbourne Orchestral Society are to:
· promote and help popularise classical music by the presentation of concerts, normally six per year, and thereby providing education in the art and science of music,
· provide a means by which musicians of various grades of competence can share the joy of making music together,
· form its playing members into a symphony orchestra to encourage musical talent and appreciation and
· raise funds for various charities.

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