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Breamore church is a large and handsome structure and is of
special interest, being a valuable and practically complete
example of a Saxon building dating from late in the 10th
century. It is exceptionally long (96ft 6in) and consists of a
chancel and aisle-less nave, separated by a square central
tower, from which there opened originally a lateral porticus or
chapel or transept on each side, the one on the north having
now disappeared, and there are indications that a western
adjunct also existed opening into and of the same width as the

The walls are composed of whole flints with large quoins of
irregular long and short work and pilaster strips of green
sandstone and ironstone, but the appearance it now presents is
very different to its original aspect, for the whole church both
within and without was covered in pro-conquest times with
plaster, the only portions left uncovered being the quoins and
pilaster strips.

It is an exceptional place for worship and prayer.