Creating a Place to Remember the Good, the Bad and the Otherly of Covid

In this last year we’ve all experienced loss in different ways - of people, of jobs, of income, of health, of security, of hugs. But there have also been new things too - babies born, friendships deepened, skills developed, patience found!

A lot of this has been experience behind closed doors, and some folk in St Denys thought it would be good to express communally and creatively these experiences

So starting in June, the folk of the St Denys community began to decorate St Denys Church fence with ribbons (plus labels, ping pong balls and wooden discs) to represent ‘The Good, The Bad and Otherly’

And colours, and messages and ribbons just keep on being added.

Do come along and add your own message too.

Just look for the cactus!

And why the cactus…. Because they are immensely resilient