About Us

The present Church of St Thomas was originally built in the 1840’s as a private chapel by the Bramwell family beside Crown East Court. It was moved and rebuilt on the main road to Bromyard where it still stands and was licensed for public worship on the 26th October 1876 by the Bishop of Worcester.

St Thomas Church Crown East is part of the parishes of Alfrick-w-Lulsley, Crown East-w-Rushwick, Leigh & Bransford and Suckley. 

Services are held at Crown East Church and Rushwick Village Hall, Bransford Road, Rushwick, Worcester, WR2 5TA.


Date Time Service Place First Sunday 8.00 am BCP HC Clifton   9.00 am CW HC Leigh   10.00 am  Café Church Martley   10.00 am  BCP Matins + Choir Clifton   10.30 am  BCP HC Wichenford   10.30 am  BCP Matins Lower Sapley   10.30 am  Contemplative Service Broadwas   11.00am CW HC Suckley   11.00 am Valley Praise Shelsley B   6.00 pm Evensong  Alfrick   6.30 pm Evensong  Cotheridge Second Sunday 9.00 am BCP HC Alfrick   9.00 am BCP HC Cotheridge   10.00 am CW HC + choir Clifton   10.30 am CW HC Martley   10.30 am CW HC Crown East   10.30 am Morning Worship Broadwas   10.30 am Methodist Service Harpley   11.00 am  CW HC Leigh   6.00 pm Evening Worship Suckley   6.30 pm Evensong  Shelsley Walsh Third Sunday 8.00 am BCP HC Clifton   8.00 am BCP HC Martley   9.00 am Said BCP HC Bransford   9.00 am Daybreak together Cotheridge   10.00 am Café Church Wichenford   10.30 am All Age (Village Hall) Crown East   10.30 am CW HC Broadwas   10.30 am Morning Worship Martley   10.30 am COME family service Clifton   10.30 am BCP HC Harpley   11.00 am  Quiet/Celtic Service Shelsley B   3.00 pm Evening Worship Knightwick Fourth Sunday 8.00 am BCP HC Shelsey W   9.00 am CW HC Alfrick   9.30 am CW HC Martley   10.00 am CW HC Clifton   10.30 am BCP HC Crown East   10.30 am Family Worship Broadwas   10.30 am CW HC Wichenford   10.30 am Circle Service Harpley   11.00 am  All Age  Suckley   6.00 pm Evensong  Leigh   6.00 pm  Evening Celebration Martley   6.30 pm Evensong  Clifton Fifth Sunday   Team or "old Benefice"