Community Link


CHCL is part of the work of St John's Church in Dudley Wood and began in September 2014. The present location of CHCL is: 72 High Street Cradley Heath B64 5HA .

The aims of CHCL are:-

Be a hub for Cradley Heath where people can find information on different agencies.Be a meeting point for the people of Cradley Heath and find common purposes and interests.Be a place where help can be given on any issue - financial, health, personal, signposting where necessary and being a constant contact for those who need it.Be a place of creativity and re-creationBe a place where people can chat and find friendshipBe a friendly environment and a place of restBe a spiritual place where people find God's Kingdom.

At present the way this vision is being realised is through being available for people in need on an individual basis and being a distributor for Black Country Foodbank. We are also open for people to come into the premises for a chat and a hot drink. We have children's craft activities and we run excursions, hold special events and accommodate other groups who want to run classes or one off events. We also have a quiet room which is used for prayer and for personal interviews on a regular basis.

We have also just opened as a job club and hope to open as a debt advice centre within the next six months. We would also like to increase the use of the building by other groups thereby increasing the communication and 'linking' of different agencies.

We are always looking for volunteers so please step through the door and give us your details if you are interested.