About Us

Hopeful, enquiring, inclusive and faithful

We are the Church of England town centre church for Halesowen, with a history stretching back over a thousand years and more.  The present building was founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1083 and worship has been offered on this spot ever since.  We seek to be an inclusive church with an open and enquiring tradition, believing that God calls everyone into relationship with him, whoever and whatever they are. 

St John's is one of the five parish churches of the Halas family, working alongside St Kenelm's, Romsley, St Margaret of Antioch, Hasbury, St Peter, Lapal and St Peter, Cradley.  We seek to live faithfully with an open and welcoming spirit, inclusive of all in worship and seeking to promote the Diocesan values of love, compassion, justice and freedom. We are part of the Inclusive church network, seeking to improve and promote the full participation of every individual regardless of class or health, ethnicity or race, health or ability, gender or sexuality

Our church is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning so please come and visit us. We hope you will find comfort and joy here in the presence of God.