Church of England Diocese of York Marston Moor


If you would like to contribute to the running of the churches within the Parish of Marston Moor.

You can make individual payments, or you can set up a regular standing order to the bank details below:

•   Long Marston Parish Church Council , 20-99-39, 50582239

•   Askham Richard VCC, 09-01-51, 42355305

•    Bilbrough Parochial Church Council, 40-41-01, 1091476

•   All Saints Church Rufforth, 09-01-55, 16862081

•   Tockwith Parochial Church Council, 40-46-21, 71165933

•   Parish of Marston Moor account,  30-98-97, 63309268

If you would like to chat through a way to give, want to give across the Parish or to understand the finances of the Parish and or Diocese more then please give me a call. Reverend Martin Otter