Wedding Blessings

Over the years I have had the joyful privilege of blessing the marriage of husband and wife.

These services may have taken place shortly after a civil ceremony or many years later, perhaps at a significant milestone or perhaps for other reasons. Whatever the reasons it is always an absolute joy to see two people acknowledge and rededicate their union, asking for God’s blessings and guidance for the future.

These relatively simple services can have the look and feel of a wedding with hymns or contemporary worship songs, readings, flowers and bells. Alternatively, they can be more intimate and lower key. Fundamentally the service is about love and reflects the love between two people.

A few years ago, these services were often held for couples, where one or both parties, had previously been married. The blessing usually following a civic service. However, as the practice in our Church is, following discussions, to remarry divorcees, this is now not usually the case.

There are no set fees for such a service, but we do ask for a voluntary donation for the work and mission of the church.

If this speaks to you just contact Nick or Richard for a chat.