Virtual Prayer

Daily Prayer – Room for Prayer

At this time it is good and important to put prayer at the centre of what we are and do. Why not join us for daily prayer. Lasting about 15 minutes we will listen to a bible reading and then set aside time for quiet and prayer.

The room will be open at 8am and 6pm every day. To join please follow these simple instructions:

All you need to do is search the word ‘Zoom’ on your computer then download the free App called Zoom (funnily enough).

This link which will show you how to do this if you are struggling …

Then all you need to do is follow this link which will lead you into our prayer room!

Passcode: 750541

Come along, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want, the words we use will be displayed for you to read or say.

See you in the Prayer Room!

Richard & Nick