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Gifts for Children and Young People in Need this Christmas

22 Nov 2020, 4:15 p.m.
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Hello all

Very sadly, because of the current Covid restrictions, we are unable to host our annual Christingle/Gift Service at St Wilf’s on the first Sunday in December as we normally do. You will be receiving information shortly about a Christingle Service we are organising by Zoom in December, which I’m very excited about!

Although we can’t meet physically to receive your gifts for children and young people in need in the Selby area, their need has, of course, not disappeared. As you can imagine, given the increasingly difficult economic circumstances at present, the need to ensure that children and young people from homes really struggling at this time do receive a gift on Christmas day is greater than ever.

So, here at St Wilfrid’s and with Captain Richard Cooke of the Church Army in Selby, we’d be hugely grateful if you would feel able to donate a gift/gifts this year.

This is what we’d love you to do by Sunday 6th December:

-Wrap a gift, marking clearly on it whether it is suitable for a boy/girl/both, and what age group it would be most appropriate for e.g. 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-15, 16+ etc.

-Bring your wrapped and marked gift to Rev Pete’s house, St Wilfrid’s Rectory, leaving the gift/s in a plastic bag on the front veranda.

Directions to the Rectory:

-Come down the lane to the left of the St Wilfrid’s churchyard.

-You can park in the car park at the bottom on the left.

-There is a green garden gate over the lane from the carpark, which will take you to the front of the house.

-It’s the door facing the garden and churchyard and under a veranda.

Many thanks, indeed!


Rev Pete