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April Connected

31 Mar 2021, 7:45 p.m.
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This month Revd. Philip Macdonald celebrates the coming of Easter and notes that whilst the world may be changed by the pandemic we will always have the comfort of Christ who will live with us forever, if we let him.

Local physician Tony Service prescribes leeks fried in butter to cure The Piles; whether we are to apply them to the distressed area, or eat them, is uncertain. More seriously Tony is also looking forward to Easter and the reopening of the Chapel.

Karl Jarvis completes his virtual walk along the St Hilda’s Way, and Sheila Newsome raises a smile with a list of children’s writings about the Old & New Testaments.

I adapt an email from Revd. Pete about Keith Fossey’s recent Zoom presentation on the work of the Swaziland Schools Project with orphaned children in eSwatini. This is a charity worthy of everyone’s attention.

I also rabbit on about Albrecht Dürer’s painting Christ as a Man of Sorrows, whilst Dr Ruth M Bancewicz looks at ethics decisions in relation to new technologies. Karl Jarvis provides an update on the works proposed and undertaken in the Parish Hall. Finally I encourage everyone to consider joining the Parish Council; “ask not what your PCC will do for you, but what can you do for the PCC”, as JFK didn’t say (but would have done had lived in Brayton).