Church of England Diocese of York Brayton

Covid Relaxations

30 Sep 2021, 11 a.m.
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Dear friends

In the light of the ongoing relaxation of nationwide covid restrictions, and acknowledging the widespread vaccination programme, we wanted to update you on changes at St Wilfrid’s and St Francis which will take effect from the start of October:

· There will no longer be the expectation that masks are worn in our church buildings.

· However, we will ask people at St Wilfrid’s to continue wearing masks when singing. With people sitting in closer proximity in front of each other than at St Francis, and the jury still out on just how risky singing is or is not, this felt a reasonable precaution at this stage. This will, as always, be kept under review.

· Of course, those who want to are welcome to continue to wear masks in our church buildings, and both buildings have enough space for people to sit apart from others, if they wish to.

Many thanks for your ongoing understanding

St Wilfrid’s PCC and St Francis ECC