Church of England Diocese of York Stamford Bridge with Catton and Scoreby

04.Children and Young People

We have lots going on for young people in our Churches.  As an example, here is an update from activities on 20th April:

Free Spirits

Free Spirits made the most of the lovely sunshine enjoying ice creams and drinks at the picnic tables whilst discussing and sketching our new logo. We followed this with a very energetic hour preparing our tubs and planters and sweeping away all the winter debris. Each child planted cress seeds to produce a ‘cress head’ at home. We also planted some herb seeds in the hope we can produce a community herb planter to place outside the youth rooms. We hope you will look out for a good splash of colour when our pots are planted over the coming months.


We had a special birthday to celebrate and the accompanying food is always very welcome. We discussed and listed what the youngsters wished to put in the Parish Profile, this is the document our congregations are producing to tell prospective Clergy all about our Group of Parishes.

We worked on our new logo and then played " Pass the bomb" our favourite game and the best way to round off the birthday celebrations.


Following a hiatus we used our evening to get to know each other, over pizza and cake. We discussed what we wanted to do as a group and having looked though a few different courses we decided we’d study Proverbs in our next session. We’re looking forward to learning more about living the good life though the wise words of Ancient Israel’s wisdom literature.