Church of England Diocese of York Stamford Bridge with Catton and Scoreby

Children and Young People

We have lots going on for young people in our Churches.  

Free Spirits

During the last term have been exploring the story of David; including his role as shepherd, musician and future king and the youngsters made their own Lego models of the story of David and Goliath.

As part of the village activities to commemorate 100 years since WW1 we made poppies to surround one of the silhouettes remembering a soldier from our village who had died during the war. 

In December each Free Spirit made a mini Christingle decoration to hang on a tree placed in church over Christmas. We celebrated Christingle’s 50 year anniversary at a special service in church in early December. 


This week we learnt about Mothering Sunday. Discussing the meaning of Mother church as well as our Mother and ones we know.

We made a two gifts each, one for our Mum and one to give away. There was lots of discussion on who we would like to give the extra one to and I wish we had time to make more!

We look forward to our Mothering Sunday Service and to helping our mums on Sunday.

We are starting this term by considering the gifts and talents of our group and how they are activated by God for the common good. We read and thought about life in Corinth and we each made an origami hat where we were able to write each others talents and decorate the hats and it was lovely to see how each persons hat reflected their talents.

Instead of our usual biscuits we had a multi selection pack of cereal which generated much discussion on the varieties. We mixed them together making a totally different cereal which everyone enjoyed eating. As we came out the snow was falling and there was some hope that tomorrow they could use their talents to make a snowman or clear a path for a neighbour.


Following a hiatus we used our evening to get to know each other, over pizza and cake. We discussed what we wanted to do as a group and having looked though a few different courses we decided we’d study Proverbs in our next session. We’re looking forward to learning more about living the good life though the wise words of Ancient Israel’s wisdom literature.

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