Charitable work

Before the cessation of our Diocesan link with Bungoma we achieved our aim of bringing electricity into the school which then enabled us to bring in piped water and to construct multiple latrines in permanent brick buildings.

Our fundraising support focus then switched to finding a more local project and after much research we decided to support William Blake House.

William Blake House is a spiritually oriented community consisting of three small registered care homes, in villages near Towcester, serving the developmental needs of 15 young adults with severe learning disabilities and other conditions.

Unfortunately in 2016 the charity’s first resident, Luke, died the day before his 30th birthday. It was decided to remember Luke by raising funds to create a ‘Light Room’ – a sensory area.

As a provider of person centred care, they have many residents who would benefit greatly from the use of a sensory room; an area where they can relax, have the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, communicate, improve their engagement and reduce their anxiety. They are fundraising to create this specially designed room for their residents, which would combine a range of stimuli (lights, colours, sounds, sensory soft play objects, aromas) to help their residents develop and engage their senses, and to explore and interact in a safe environment.