Church of England Diocese of Manchester Swinton and Pendlebury

Fetes, Fairs and other Fund Raising

UNFORTUNATELY THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION has meant the cancellation of the QUIZ NIGHT planned for Saturday 16 May and the SUMMER FAIR which was to be on Saturday 13 June, 2020. We also have had to cancel our CHRISTMAS FAIR on Saturday 14 November.

On Boxing Day (which is also the feast of Saint Stephen, the first christian martyr), December 26, Saint Peter's will be open from 10 a.m. and remain open until well into the afternoon (exact time still to be determined). Given that so many carol services have been cancelled this will give people a chance to visit the church, to see our extensive Christmas crib, to light a candle in prayer, and to soak up the atmosphere of the church in all its Christmas decoration. There will also be an opportunity to make a donation to sustain our parish life. Perhaps some people will give a donation in lieu of what they might have spent at the Christmas Fair. Perhaps some will want to give the church a Christmas present. Perhaps you are just grateful that Saint Peter's continues to stand at the heart of Swinton as a reminder of the things of God. 

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Like most churches, in addition to the generous stewardship and giving of our regular congregation and of others in the local community, and collections at services and other donations, we need to hold a number of fund raising events in the course of a year. The money pays for the upkeep and use of our buildings, the maintenance of our ministry and mission, and the contribution we make to diocesan and national church costs - which enables the stipends and pensions of clergy and the training of future clergy, as well as many other resources and support services.</span>

Although there is no need for panic and we are in a sustainable financial situation, inevitably the Coronavirus outbreak has damaged our financial situation. There is more information on how people support Saint Peter's financially on the separate page on this achurchnearyou entry.