Dates through history relating to St Lawrence Church

1301  The first incumbent is recorded.

1460  John Jenney and Margaret (his 2nd wife) buried.

1553  Three bells are recorded as hanging in the Tower.

1566  Earliest year in the Church registers.

1622  The bell was made in Norwich (marked W.J.B. anno domini 1622).

1674  Jonas Grimsby and his family come to live at Knodishall Hall.

1678  Mary (their daughter) dies aged 14) and is buried under the Tower.

1704  The Jenney family sells the Manor to John Fuller (we believe at this time the Jenneys had emigrated to America).

1741  Last entry of the Jenney family name in the Church registers.

1806  Only one bell is recorded as existing.

1837  The Coat of Arms made by the first foundry in Essex (Joseph Wallis).

1838  Rev George Whitaker builds the vestry.

1845  The Nave roof was repaired.

1878  The Chancel roof was renewed.

1894  The Nave roof was re-tiled.

1897  The back door to the vestry is built by Rev Daubeny.

1902  Oak pews replaced old high backed ones.

1907  The Organ chamber was built (for £60).

1926  The Tower (52 ft high and 52 ft around the top) was renovated.

1935  The East window was installed.

1939  The Chancel roof was re-tiled.

1946  The painting of "Jacob and Rachel at the Well" was given to the church by Mr Burningham, a local farmer.

1983  The painting was sold for £110,000 after a special Consistory Court was held.