Church of England Diocese of Norwich Taverham

Church warden Christmas message

15 Dec 2020, 2:05 p.m.

Christmas 2020

Dear everyone,

After this very strange and different year for our church family we want to send out best wishes to you at this special season of Christmas and also to take the opportunity to thank so many people who have helped to keep our church family together - especially our clergy, ministry team and ordinands led with such care by Paul, the music group and technical wizards. The ‘behind the scenes’ work of administration, finances, fund-raising, churchyard maintenance and cleaning have still continued without fuss and we know an amazing number of people have kept in contact with one another in a time when many have found it very difficult.

As we look to 2021 we know that we will need to be very patient and still very careful for some time even when some of us have received the Covid 19 vaccine. It is expected that attendance at our services will continue to be for a limited number of people following the guidelines carefully for well into 2021. We have been watching the various trends of the virus through our community and are hoping that we may be able to have a reasonably normal set of services by Easter - regardless of vaccine uptake. We trust that we will continue to support each other through this time of transition with patience and understanding. As the body of Christ it is part of our role to shine as a beacon of light and hope in our wider community and to be seen as selflessly working for the good of all.

We hope you will be able to join in the Christmas services either online or by attending church (sign-up sheets are available in church for all the services or you can contact us to book a place). The church will, of course, be open as usual for private prayer.

We would like to ask that you do not leave Christmas cards in church as this will be a risk of infection. Please contact us if you need any help in getting them delivered locally. We are also happy to help with any other church queries.

Happy Christmas!

Sue Beevor and Sue Charnock, Churchwardens