St Edmund's Annual Report for 2021

The St Ed’s Annual report for 2021 is attached.

The document includes the Officers’ Reports to the 2022 Annual Parochial Church Meeting which was held at 7pm on Monday 23rd May 2022.

A few words, below, from Rev Paul to set the context for the report.

This is a difficult report to write this year because so much has happened in the life of every church, in the individual lives of so many people, and in the world.

We have seen so many miracles through the pandemic, so many flashes and gleams of the Lord’s grace and hope. There have been so many times when I have stood back from the distractions and sometimes the nightmares and said, with Thomas, “My Lord and My God!”

As I write, the war in Ukraine is raging and there are many terrible stories emerging of human suffering not seen in Europe since WW2. Life in that nation, and the position of Russia in the world order will take generations of healing.

For all of us, many aspects of our lives have taken on a fragmentary and uncertain character, not least for youngsters today and those trying to begin their working and new home lives. We have all the uncertainties of climate change, of an energy and cost-of-living crisis, and of the pandemic that just will not go away.

I believe the Lord is doing new things that we cannot grasp at the moment. Yet this is a truly exciting time, similar in some ways to the people of Israel returning from the exile.

We are called to know who we are as people claimed by Jesus and redeemed through His blood. So we are called to proclaim His salvation and His hope for our wounded and broken world.

St_edmunds_taverham_annual_report_for_2021_final, PDF