St Edmund's Annual Report for 2022

The St Ed’s Annual report for 2022 is attached.

The document includes the Officers’ Reports to the 2023 Annual Parochial Church Meeting which was held at 7pm on Monday 22nd May 2023.

A few words, below, from Rev Paul to set the context for the report.

Each year at sunrise on Easter morning we make our way out to the wooden cross that stands on the corner of the churchyard, and pray for the world, our community, and faith as Jesus’ disciples. The Cross faces outwards, towards the road, and into the streets and buildings that we know, into the lives of those the Lord has called to live and witness amongst. It is a sign of the Lord’s love for everyone who speeds past in cars throughout the day (it is an incredibly busy road!). It is also a sign of the direction Jesus calls us to be facing in our life, ministry and witness to Him, and in His strength and humility.

This past year has been a coming back together. It has been about praying and supporting one another. Yet we are a church, probably like every church in the UK, that has been undoubtedly wounded by the pandemic, and changed. I believe we go on in hope and the Lord’s strength. I believe the Holy Spirit directs us and leads us. I also believe we are being called back into those streets and buildings where the Lord first led us to listen, come alongside, speak the Lord’s love into so many people’s lives who have also been wounded, who are searching, who are looking for the hope Jesus alone can bring.

Amidst so many challenges we have the clear, certain and life – giving hope of Jesus’ love, and Resurrection.

As long as we are looking towards all that the Lord is doing and calling us into, and trusting in Him alone, we will be bringing glory and praise to Him.

2023_st_eds_annual_report_final, PDF