Church of England Diocese of Norwich Taverham

Praying Together w/c 28th March

27 Mar 2021, 7:55 p.m.
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St Edmund’s Taverham and St Peter’s Ringland – Prayer Hub for Holy Week

We come to Jerusalem and the final week of the earthly life of Jesus. We ponder again the scandal and shame of the cross, the place where we see the outpouring of God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness and love. As we take time this week to, ‘Survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died,’ we are invited again to revisit the events of this most sacred week and to wonder at God’s ultimate expression of love and allow them to breathe life into us.

We shall base our prayer suggestions this week on the booklet The Easter Journey which gives a passage of scripture for each day to read and reflect on. You may then like to use the short prayer which Rachel has written to accompany it and use it as a pathway into prayer and meditation.

Palm Sunday: Read and reflect on Luke 18:31, 19:29-40

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus as we remember your entry into Jerusalem and your passion to do your Father’s will, help us to be faithful followers of you. May our shouts of praise be filled with life and not hollow and empty. Hosanna! You are the God who saves, we cry. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Holy Monday: Read and reflect on John 2:13-21

Let us pray.

Lord of life, you show us the intensity of your love in ways that sometime shock us. Help us to hear your call to put you above all else in our lives and help us never to put obstacles in the way of others that prevent them from becoming aware of your presence in their lives.

Holy Tuesday: Read and reflect on Mark 14:3-11

Let us pray.

Lord, we thank you for this woman who showed such immense devotion to you as she poured perfume on your feet. Help us to bring our devotion to you whatever the cost for you alone are worthy of our praise.

Holy Wednesday: Read and reflect on John 13:1,34, and 14:1-6

Let us pray.

Lord, you show us what perfect love is and you command us to love like you. We don’t find this easy yet we want to do as you say. Please give us all we need to love like you and help us to be quick to say sorry when we mess it up.

Maundy Thursday: Read and reflect on Luke 22:1-23

Let us pray

Lord, during this last year we haven’t been able to receive communion. Thank you that you speak powerfully through everyday things like bread and wine. Help us to remember you in all the ordinary things of life, remembering that each moment is sacred gift from you.

Good Friday: Read and reflect on John 19:16-30

Let us pray

Loving God, you did this for us. Thank you.

Holy Saturday: Read and reflect on Luke 22:50-56

Let us pray

Lord, as darkness descended and the world was hushed and waiting in agony not knowing what would happen, so we bring to you our often silent agonies and fears. As we wait in the darkness help to listen for hope.

Please join us at 8am each day on Facebook for our Bitesized Prayer.

Also, you may like to pause each day at 12pm with Christians all around the world who pray the Lord’s Prayer at their 12pm!! This is an ancient practice that unites us wherever we are in our unity in Christ.

Attached is a sheet of the above in case you prefer to print a copy for reference