Vicar's Message for December

Vicar’s Message December 2020

‘Be silent before the Lord God! For the day of the Lord is at hand.’ (Zephaniah 1.7)

Zephaniah’s text is much like the judgement language we hear from Jesus in St Matthew’s Gospel. ‘Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.’ Messages that begin with ‘Be silent’ tend to be remembered. Zephaniah tells the people to be quiet because they are in God’s presence. Clearly the occasion is solemn and awe inspiring. The image of the day of the Lord in Zephaniah is meant to strike fear in the hearts of God’s people. What may have been thought of as a distant event in God’s future plan is now about to happen. It is imminent and everything is ready for this to break forth. So, is Zephaniah describing an interregnum? And what about your interregnum? Will it be a time of self-examination and reflection leading to new vision and growth?

I will be leaving in a few days’ time to become Rector of a well-established and rural benefice in north Staffordshire. It is time to go, and good to face a new challenge. Linda and I face not only the joy of Christmas but also our own journey. South West Removals is a far cry from a donkey journey, but we are travelling to new beginnings. Like those beloved traverses of yore, we have no idea what the future will bring except that it will bring the call to our Lord’s glad service. We must remember that God, beyond time and space, constantly visits us and makes everything new. The turn of the year will soon be upon us and our lives with it. So, let us gives thanks for the One who is our pivot and stay – our Lord Jesus Christ. Wishing you all a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your friend and Parish Priest

Father David