About Us


Our Church is dedicated to St Tallan, but there is no evidence that such a person existed. “Saint” is probably an addition to the original Cornish names of Tal Lan, which means, The Holy Place (Tal) on The Brow of the Hill (Lan). This explains why it is so isolated from the busy places of Looe and Polperro. So, like Lansallos and many other Cornish Churches, the present Altar stands on the site of the original Celtic Altar built by the “Saint” or Holy Person, who established faith in Jesus Christ here so long ago. It is said the altar lies on a ley line and close to a constant source of water thus consecrating these earthly forces for God.

Talland Church is now part of The Cornish Celtic Way a pilgrimage route that covers 125 miles through the Cornish Coast and Countryside.

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