About Us

At heart, we’re a group of people who follow Jesus Christ.

He is the one who fully reveals God and who brings us into new life through his death and resurrection.

We come together as a family of people of different ages and stages and many nationalities in order to help each other to grow as his followers, and to help others to come to know him for themselves.


Christ Church Endcliffe began in 2009, when a group of 50 gathered to start up a new church nearer the centre. We share the building of St Augustine’s, Brocco Bank.

Information about our current staff team can be found here: 



We love to welcome visitors who are exploring the Christian faith!

We have clear convictions based on the truths revealed by God in the Bible, but you don’t need to be a convinced Christian to come along on a Sunday. We also run courses specifically designed for those wanting to find out more about the Christian faith.