After spending my childhood in Lincolnshire, moving to Nottinghamshire in my teens, and venturing into Yorkshire as a student, I have spent nearly 30 of the last 40 years in some part, or other, of Yorkshire. I like to think that counts for something! I have also spent  30 years in some form, or other, of Christian ministry.

My student years began at the College of Ripon and York, St John, and were followed by a further period of training for ministry at Lincoln Theological College. The years since have been privileged ones as I have been invited to share the lives, experiences, joys and sorrows of those amongst whom I have served. The contexts have been varied (Middleton in South Leeds; Wetherby, just up the road; Kirkstall in West Leeds; a University College back in Lincoln; and most recently Manston & Cross Gates in East Leeds.)

One of the gifts of our humanity, is that we carry with us our stories.  Many of us delight in the opportunity to share our stories with others, and many of us also delight in hearing the stories which others bring. Central to my life and work is my belief in the story which lies at the heart of the Christian Gospel and which leads me to believe that the stories of all of our lives are heard and cherished by God.

Stepping out into my new role as Priest in Charge of Collingham with Harewood, and Spofforth with Kirk Deighton, Follifoot and Little Ribston, is for me a new chapter in my life and ministry. I would love to meet with and hear the stories of those amongst whom I am now privileged to live and work!