Church of England Diocese of Leeds Dacre with Hartwith and Darley with Thornthwaite

Holy Trinity, Dacre Banks open for Private Prayer

5 Jul 2020, 7 p.m.

Church Open for Private Prayer 8am-6pm

but please can we ask people to adhere strictly to social distancing and hygiene protocols

- no more than 4 people in church at one time (unless from the same household).

- please use the hand gel provided (or your own) on entering and leaving

- please avoid touching surfaces and items if possible

- 5 pews have been allocated for use (to avoid unnecessary cleaning), and their cushioning/runners removed - the rest cordoned off. Please don’t sit anywhere else.

- please use the wipes provided to clean any surface you touch or sit on. (Alternatively bring your own cushion.)

- Do not enter if you have Covid 19 like symptoms, or if you develop these within 7 days please let us know as soon as possible.