Online Christingle Video

Here's a YouTube link to our Online Christingle service for Christmas 2020, for the parish of Dacre with Hartwith & Darley with Thornthwaite. It's a family friendly carol service during which we show you how to make a Christingle and talk about what it means and how it might connect to the Christmas story. If you want to make Christingles while watching (for each one) you'll need a large orange, a small candle that can be put into the orange, a square of tin foil - about 6 inches square, some red tape or ribbon (electrical insulation tape is good, but anything will do really as long as you can stick it to the orange - even a strip of paper coloured red with a pritt stick!), 4 cocktail sticks and soft sweets that can be stuck onto the cocktail sticks, and raisins (if you like them). You'll also need a sharp knife, something to light the candle with, and somewhere to put the Christingle down (some oranges don't balance very well!). If you are local and reading this in Dec. 2020 I have pretty much all the materials you can have for free, except the oranges! Actually I've got a couple of those too, but they won't last long! The order of service is hopefully attached here so you can follow the words of the carols and sing along at home. At our Christingle service we always raise funds for the Children's Society. If you would like to make a donation for the Children's Society it can be done online here.

Christingle_2020_zGAKEpP, PDF