Facilities and features


We were told to put one in by Archdeacon Burnaby in the eighteenth century, and got round to it about 25 years ago, with a somewhat unsympathetic conversion of our north porch. The Chaplain was given the old medieval floor slabs to put in his house.

We'll change you baby for any other than gets left here. Seriously, we have the padded shelf etc.

Oh yes, the bog is big enough for a wheelchair pirouette.

It's on the blink, it might get fixed, but the vicar doesn't mumble.

Our Building

The best 21st century stained glass in the county, if not the country. Come and look!

Always open

Grade II*. Saved from demolition by SPAB in 1890.

In winter we try to make the place warm enough for very old ladies as often as possible, but as it costs £80 or so every time we do, it's really only once a week that we can manage. The village Baptist Church is cosier and offers winter lunches etc.

Music and Worship

Eight bells, with the third longest ropes in the country

Occasional, but don't expect to find details posted on this website. There's nothing worse than finding you favourite oratorio or pop-band was performing here last week, or seven years ago, and you've missed it

It's a "never mind the quality, feel the width" instrument c.1900.

Twice a month

This is a worship-band free zone for now.

Groups, Courses and Activities

We do one on Thursday mornings when the church is warm enough without turning on the heating. The two village chapels are smaller and warmer and do them weekly.

Sometimes the church gets messy, but we have a dedicated team of cleaning gentlemen and ladies-wot-do.
And we usually have craft sessions and such like at our monthly Family Service.

That's pretty well most of us, most of the time, but we try to regularly fail to act our age.

Help for Visitors

There are welcome leaflets of various sorts, usually near the jam and marmalade.
You can tour the church now, at http://www.theoldmanorhouse.com/files/Guide.pdf

Pretty well always

Other Features

The Castle Field, the Church, the Old Manor House and the Old Vicarage all form a group, with fishponds going back maybe to 1070.