About Us

St Michael and All Angels parish church has a warm and welcoming atmosphere but when you first visit it is like stepping back in history. The village was largely destroyed by plague and when the people came to rebuild their houses they did so away from the original site.  So the church now stands a little distance from the community it serves.  <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Park in the road, open a gate and walk across a field (boots are needed in wet weather) possibly through sheep, and there is this gem of a little church.  There is no electricity so services are by candlelight and the organ is pumped manually.  Please dress warmly in cold weather.</span>

A Eucharist is held once a month on the first Sunday at 11am but also on other festival days (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest Festival, Remembrance Sunday etc:  see the Events tab for information.)  All of every age are very welcome.  There is also a Zoom service every Sunday run by churches in villages across the area and there are services on a fifth Sunday in the month that gather members of local village churches into one place for a service.  

Loddington Parochial Church Council are raising money to restore the Church roof which is in need of extensive and expensive repairs.  The last Inspection in March 2015 found that roof timbers were becoming unsafe and the bell frame likewise. This has been confirmed by a micro-drilling inspection of the timbers.  The final outcome is that we need to raise circa £300,000 to repair these beams and replace the Church roof.